DeTOXing your Home with Special Guest: The Balanced Bohemian

When I go to conferences, first of all they are bound to be Health, Wellness and Fitness related ๐Ÿ™‚ BIG surprise, right? So, I often hear about “ENVIRONMENTAL stressors” to our Nervous System. It seems to me, that JUST the name alone, makes it feel and sound stressful!! Do you feel that way, too? That just Naming something makes it feel Even Bigger and More Stressful than it was BEFORE you Named It?!

The 3 T’s

From a Chiropractic Perspective, which I would like to politely and humorously remind you is a LIFESTYLE, not a RELIGION :)… So, as I was saying, from a Chiropractic Perspective we talk about all stress fitting into one of 3 garbage cans: Trauma, Toxins and Thoughts – or for you more cerebrals: Physical, Chemical and Emotional, and how these 3 different kinds of stress can throw Your Body out of balance. In this particular article we are spending more time on Toxins or Environmental Stressors which can be Internal & External. Examples of Internal would be pharmaceuticals , preservatives and food allergies. Examples of external toxins would be pollution, pollen, detergents, etc.

So, in our office we work to restore balance ,but we also work to reduce each of the 3 kinds of stress in each patients’ lifestyle.

The Balanced Bohemian

In this weeks blog, I have invited our very own Kristina of The Balanced Bohemian to share her ideas on how we can reduce our homes environmental toxicity. She shares what she has found while out reading labels, as well as suggestions on how to reduce our “body burden” which is the amount of toxins we are consistently exposed to over a lifetime.

FYI: In our office we use of peroxide, Thieves and Tea Tree Oil in an effort to keep our office clean and sanitary in a “human body and environment friendly way”.

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ENJOY! Be sure to leave her comments, questions or low tox cleaning recipes you have found useful

& Until we meet again: Be Well Adjusted!!